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Rah-C sends shots at the "Haters"

Hailing from Upstate New York, Rah-C has hit the ground running. At nineteen, the rapper embodies the hustle and drive of New York, gaining momentum with his early singles. A student of the genre, Rah-C takes sample-based production and gives it a fresh spin. More importantly, he's shared the stage with his heros and contemporaries, opening for headliners such as DMX, Mobb Deep, Ghostface Killah, Raekwon, and Young M.A..

With an already impressive cover letter, "Haters" is Rah-C's post-script to anyone who still doubts him. He's got a wonderfully off-kilter cadence, laying down his own vocals on the hook. A twinge of brightness in his endearingly scraggly timbre, he brings just the right amount of personality to a hook. The real star of the track, of course, are his raps, which are bulletproof in their delivery. Rah-C is firing on all cylinders over a waterfall of keys. Yet, this is more than a flex track. The second verse of "Haters" reveals Rah-C to be overly skilled with the pen, putting together images that are as vivid as they are emotive. If this track is any indication, soon enough the next-next generation will be opening for him.  

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