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Maria Baley brings nothing but pure sass on her new single "I Don't Care"

The multi talented artist Maria Baley is back on track with her latest single "I Don't Care". Just as the title suggests, she is taking control and giving a hoot about what people may think or say about her is the least of her priorities now. Opting for a more bright, upbeat sound, she and her team craft a song which elegantly weaves together elements of pop, dance and trap. She quips "...tides getting high so I'm riding the waves, come after me but I'm doing me..." right before the beat switches into a dance groove for the chorus.

Maria Baley is a beautiful blend of Tanzanian, Greek and Antillean culture who got her foot in the door through her modelling skills, live performances and now her music.

Stream "I Don't Care" on Spotify: iTunes: Beatport:

Connect with  Maria Baley : Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Dance · Future Pop · Trap


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