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Samad Savage will have you saying "OMG"

Coming out of New Jersey, twenty-one year old Samad Savage jumped into the rap game at seventeen with a clear goal in mind: to change the world. Well, at the least the world of the listener. His 2016 EP, Some Odd World earned him a cult following in the Tri-State area, and his latest offering, "OMG," is sure to expand his reach. Kicking it off with some sinister, skeletal bells, Savage jumps on the beat with an unexpected swagger. He dips in and out of a variety of flows, using his charisma and cadence to drive the track. 

"OMG" is Savage's moment to show out. Between the bounce in his delivery, Savage also shows off his understanding of song structure, building musical and vocal breaks into his otherwise bar-heavy approach. There's an ease to his music that's clearly been calculated. His mic skill elevates "OMG" from simple punchline rapping to a showcase of his personality and starpower. 

Connect with Samad Savage Twitter and Soundcloud.

Hip-Hop · Rap


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