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Young Dirty Bastard and Hue Hef honor ODBday with new single

If you love Hip-Hop like I love Hip-Hop then you know that the great Ol' Dirt McGirt, the Dirty Dog, ODB just had a posthumous birthday and if you knew that then I am sure you poured some out for our late homie like I did. On Ol' Dirty Bastard's birthday, the thirteenth since his tragic and sudden death, his son Young Dirty Bastard and fellow Wu-Tang Clan affiliate Hue Hef honored the late ODB with a new single, "Warning Shots" released through RZA and Mustafa Shaikh's lifestyle clothing company. And if you don't know, now you know: Hue Hef is one of WuMusicGroup's artist signed in July through Razor Sharp Records under the supervision of RZA who hails from the mighty Shaolin, read: Staten Island, New York.

Young Dirty Bastard and Hue Hef on "Warning Shots" definitely have flashes of Wu-Tang panache and flavor but the overall sound is off-kilter when considering the usual sound of Wu-Tang so those who still rock FuBu and Wu Wear may feel a little slighted with this more modern Trap style beat and vibe. That being said there are plenty of ODB reminiscent vocalizations from the YDB to get you by with some nostalgia and "Warning Shots" is at least a pleasurable ride complete with some good old New York grit and wordplay. Let us know if you think Wu affiliates should buck the current trend and stick to a more typical Wu-Tang aesthetic or keep evolving with the times. 

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