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KG taps the spirits of "Mabo Martin Mandela" on his new song

South African born, Australia based rapper KG has been in the game for quite some time now, from when he started as a member of KASH where he carved out a name for himself as a storyteller and potent lyricist. fast forward to now, he is on a solo mission with a renewed sense of himself, his music and his roots. His latest release is the thought provoking, gritty track titled "Mabo, Martin, Mandela" which features National Indigenous Music Awards 'New Talent of the Year' winner Philly.

"Mabo, Martin, Mandela" is KG's way of pointing out social injustice from three different historical figures with seemingly different backgrounds but ultimately the same situation applies to all three. KG tackles the unjust policies that made life difficult for men of color and also gave props to these great individuals who endured the harsh treatment but still went on to live an everlasting legacy for all to envy. 

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Hip-Hop · Rap


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