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Melody Reyne goes the extra mile "With You" [Video]

What should an artist do when he or she feels they have reached the proverbial artistic glass ceiling? Well, there is no specific answer to that but in the case of singer/songwriter Melody Reyne, she moved to another city to start again. A bold move you may say but it's slowly paying off as she drops a set of visuals for her new single "With You". The SCF Beats-produced single is an unapologetic love laden piece that shows the sultry and assertive side of her. Now based in L.A, the Indianapolis raised songstress has embarked on a mission to establish herself and her music with this new single.

"...ride your magic carpet in the night, I'll be your Jasmine if you need me to... I don't really care if I look stupid, showing you I care 'cos I want you here..." she sings letting the world know her true feelings regardless of what you may think about her. For the visuals, Melodyne directed it herself while Film Rat shot it. Keeping things simple and diverse, Melody and her dancers Cece and Nia move in accordance to the slow groove of the song displaying their ballet type skills against the mellow backdrop.

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Indie Pop · R&B


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