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Introducing Sydney-based IDA and her lucky new single '1111' [Premiere]

Sydney-based artist IDA is making way for her new project. Having spent a few years exploring her musical self, leading vocals on electro-pop project Little Deed, she's now stepping out on her own. Coming as an evolution and rebirth of her solo project, IDA explores honest lyrics, intimate moments, and a more confident character she's found within her struggles. "1111" in numerology is a lucky day and it also just happens to be the name of her new single. "This song came from the aftermath of a breakup. That part where you refuse to let the dust settle. I wanted so badly to call him out, there was just so much bitterness and anger. But also a gross sense of entitlement - all I wanted to know was everything I didn't deserve to know. It was a rush to the head, full of irrational feelings and raw emotion. But I embraced the chaos anyway, with my tongue firmly in my cheek," shares IDA.

IDA wraps her intimate lyrics inside a synth-heavy production and electro-pop style. Give it a first listen above. 

Connect with IDA: Soundcloud I Facebook I Twitter

Electro · Indie


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