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Wil Akogu leaves his past behind on "Hold"

Wil Akogu's passionate delivery was the first thing that caught my attention after listening to a couple of his tracks. While he doesn't aim to be a super lyricist, his sole aim is to dwell on personal experiences, stories and situations everyone can and should be able to relate to.

His newest single "Hold" is an engaging number that showcases his writing and performing prowess. The truth is anyone can write about their experiences but the true artist would be able to bring said writing to life with an intense performance that is both emotionally convincing and entertaining.  On the song, he talks about his shortcomings, his determination to rise above said shortcomings and then some, all over a rock guitar driven backdrop.

William Akogu, better known as Wil Akogu (his stage name) is an African-American hip-hop recording artist born in the city Chicago on August 18th, 1996. He spent a few of his early years in America before he moved to Nigeria at the tender age of 5. Most of his childhood was spent in Nigeria before moving back to America at the age of 11. Akogu's music and personality promotes the importance of self-awareness and self love, indicating that our souls and who we truly are hold the key to life, and answers to life's deepest questions.

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Hip-Hop · Rap


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