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Focus The Truth tells us the "Tales Of Trilliam Shakespeare"

Raised in Queens, New York, Focus The Truth brings his love of hip-hop and cartoons together to create imagery driven music. Capturing that old school vibe, and updating it with his new school hustle and energy, "Tales Of Trilliam Shakespeare," is just one example of his lyrical skill. "Tales" is laced with allusions and tightly woven metaphors, which makes sense when we consider that Focus began his career battle rapping and writing poetry, emceeing since age 14. Over a tempered and jazz-inspired beat, Focus denounces the fake and paints a picture of his life in Queens. He opts for a narrative of prayer and hustle, trying move away from the violence he sees around him, and instead dedicates himself to the pen. "Tales of Trilliam Shakespeare" embodies the essence of hip-hop, and for that reason, it demands your attention.

"Tales Of Trilliam Shakespeare" appears on his latest tape, Q85, which you can listen to here.

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