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Listen to Chloé Leone's moody new track "Everyone Knows"

There's something about that UK-type R&B that is perfect for chilly autumn weather when all the leaves are turning red. Chloé Leone is a Birmingham born, Dalston-raised singer-songwriter and she just released one of those quintessential songs for this November fall weather. 

"Everyone Knows" drifts up and down the scales in lilting, soft vocals, lyrics both conversant and evocative. This is a boom bap anthem that's as chill as it is thoughtful, and Leone does not lack in weaving together some excelelnt storytelling. It will be interesting to see what Chloé has planned for 2018, because if "Everyone Knows" is any indicator, she might just be one of your go-to not just for nice sounding tracks but expressive lyricism as well. 

Connect with Chloé Leone: SoundCloud | Facebook | Twitter



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