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Cherri V delivers a stripped version of "Leave Me Be"

Cherri V is a deeply emotive UK songstress. Her latest single, "Leave Me Be" is an intimate look into Cherri V's process. Stripped down, piano driven, and geared towards the artist-listener relationship, "Leave Me Be" is less of a single and more of a moment of communion. Cherri's writing is equal parts cheeky and touching, with her inflections adding an endearing personality to the cut. Minute details take this track over the edge: the subtle rhythm and expressive yet controlled piano and bass riffs. The song is peeled back to its essentials, and Cherri V finds all the right pocket to infuse and bring to life her soulful spirit. 

"Leave Me Be" is something of an offering to the listener, where Cherri V grapples with and explains her emotional availability for much of the track. A desire to be vulnerable and accessible inform the content and the vocal delivery. In that way, "Leave Me Be" is a true moment of care and promise of present-ness from Cherri to her fans.

Of the track, Cherri V says, "As a songwriter who wears her heart on her sleeve and reveals a lot through her lyrics, I'm always in favour of stripping back a song and approaching it acoustically. ‘Leave Me Be’ hones in on vulnerability and honesty, and this stripped version of the record just allows me to dig a little deeper."

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