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Seep into beautiful “New Beginnings” from QTY's incoming debut album arriving on Dirty Hit [Premiere]

Nothing just happens overnight. QTY might seem like they arrived perfectly formed last October with the release of "Rodeo" - a bright, joyous indie rock lightning bolt that feels as much of a force of friendship as that detailed in its narrative - but Dan Lardner and Alex Niemetz have cemented a firm bond that has seen them through a myriad of ups, downs and false starts with the band they formed together; working towards that very moment for most of their lives. 

Today EARMILK is premiering the wonderful “New Beginnings,” the penultimate album track, and the only one on the album to feature guitarist Alex Niemetz on lead vocals. Bringing her soft, velvety vocals out of the background to make something soothing and stunning, "New Beginnings" surely cements QTY as a friendship capable of brilliant things. Recorded in London with former Suede guitarist and erudite producer Bernard Butler, "New Beginnings" is pensive, stripped-down, unfussy and direct, but also wonderfully melodic, hook-laden and elegant. On the track Dan says:

"Switching up the roles a bit "New Beginnings" showcases Alex on lead vocals. It's not our softer side, but it could be referred to as our good side. The whole album has an overall theme running through it and with "New Beginnings" it's Alex' voice shining through our shared experiences as living beings sharing our lives with each other and now with the world." 

 QTY’s self-titled debut album is due for release December 8th through indie label Dirty Hit and can be pre-ordered here

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