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Future Fathers debut dream pop single "False Information"

Future Fathers are a melodically driven dreampop duo coming out of Nashville. Made up of members Trent Dabbs and Cason Cooley, the exciting pair deliver their explorative debut single, "False Information." The single is built around a practically viscous haze, punctuated by Dabbs' gripping falsetto. Meant to reflect how "overmedicated everyone that [he] knows seems to be," Dabbs explains that the meandering feel of the track accents the lack of real answers we're getting as a society. Solutions seem to be everywhere, but true change and resolution? "False Information" shows us that it has long since disappeared.

Dabbs and Cooley are both veterans in the Nashville music scene, with a number of Top 40 hits and worldwide tours to their names. Their seeking and sultry aesthetic emerged from songwriting sessions that fused Dabbs’ lyrical and melodic improvisation with Cooley’s dissociative-mad-scientist production. In a town like Nashville when co-writes are common but collaborators don’t often reconnect until months later, Cooley and Dabbs like to think of their relationship as one that has a solid foundation of trust which has enabled them to develop a sound that straddles the line between electronic and acoustic. Of the track, Trent Dabbs says:

“The song is a narrative about how we as a culture tend to search for many things to distract our pain.”

As for the name, the two are both fathers and often question what it means to be responsible and nurturing in that role. With "False Information" being centered around medication and self-help, we can see the pair trying to make sense of the world around them, and figure how to proceed forward when they are confronted with similar struggles as detailed in their music.

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