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Explore the moody retro-funk depths of Xavier White's "Dancing After Dark"

It's the middle of the workweek. You just toiled through a miserably long day. Your boss reamed you out for no reason and Karen wouldn't shut up about her seven cats. On your glum ride home, what are you listening to? Crunchy head-banging dubstep? Indiscernible mumble rap? No - you're listening to some melancholy, easy-on-the-ears, relatable R&B music.

Enter New York-based R&B singer Xavier White, whose latest original track “Dancing After Dark” fits the bill perfectly. A moody retro-funk ballad, “Dancing After Dark” represents a stark contrast to Xavier's last tune on EARMILK, the minimalist "Real Company." On this one, he uses his bars to address an ex-lover, trying to win her back with emotionally raw lyrics over sultry drum hits and a fat bassline. Xavier’s gentle voice translates this all-too-familiar narrative into a sound that’s warm, relatable and vulnerable.

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