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Margot Polo delivers the fun single "Turn You, Baby"

The glittering indie pop passion project of Fialta and Sherwood's David ProvenzanoMargot Polo brings equal parts camp and B-movie horror to his latest "Turn You, Baby." While his collaborative efforts hint at philosophical themes and are grounded in the modern sound, Margot Polo is Provenzano's space to run wild with his 90s influences and cheeky lyrics. "Turn You, Baby" is synth pop on a higher level, with swaths of color and a bright timbre in his voice, Provenzano's singing all at once grandiose and focused.

This is the high-energy jam for your Halloween party, Provenzano brings a late-night passion to his hooks. With an impressive range and guest vocals from Becky Filip, "Turn You, Baby" is a showstopping tune. The track's full bodied vocals and horn flourishes are captivating, sure to fill up your house party with an irresistibly endearing energy. For fans of Tame Impala, Foster The People, and Vampire Weekend, Margot Polo will be an act to lose yourself in.


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