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Goosetaf Releases Smooth Track After Promising EP Release


Guy Isaacson, known in the music world as goosetaf, continues to exhibit his lo-fi expertise with his new track “salt&pepper.” Goosetaf continues to build a stronger following on Soundcloud in particular, where he demonstrates the growing partnership between intricately jazzy, moody lo-fi hip-hop instrumentals and compelling, often emotional anime imagery and design. On a platform where lo-fi has certainly made its presence felt, goosetaf is certainly among the artists making a name for themselves.

His new track “salt&pepper.” is hard-hitting to say the least. The drop shocks you, introducing you to a crisp, sustaining kick and snare rhythm which rebounds against delicate, complex piano chops which have most-likely been drawn directly from record. The piano loop is arranged repeatedly yet intricately, with multiple variations throughout the track adding spice to the mix.

“Salt&papper.” is goosetaf’s first release after receiving a positive response after the release of his most recent EP, surface waves. The project was enchanting, flowing fluently across a tranquil, melodious 23 minute extent, and “salt&pepper.” certain follows this tradition. Goosetaf’s music is soothing and warm, created to be listened to in quiet, calm moments, and “salt&pepper.” only enhances his reputation as an exciting beatmaker and lo-fi artist. Check him out on Soundcloud.

Connect with goosetaf: Soundcloud / Instagram / Twitter 


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