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BEAUZ team up with Lenii for sultry indie dance tune "Not That Brave"

"Not That Brave" is the latest goosebumps-inducing track from electronic production duo BEAUZ. Teaming up with Irish vocalist Lenii, the LA-based brothers recently arrived on Spinnin Records' copyright free imprint to drop the indie dance ballad, which is dripping with sultry pop vibes.

Whether you love or hate Spinnin, you've got to tip your hat to them for their recent foray into future bass and trap music. While it is truly baffling that they can release beautiful melodic music like "Not That Brave" after dross like this, their musical range is as diverse as ever.

Unless you're Ed Sheeran, not all hits are written overnight. In a press release issued for "Not That Brave," BEAUZ shed some light on the track's protracted history and transformative nature: 

"We came up with the chord progression for the track in 2013, when we first started playing around with music production. The first prototype was an electro house track, which never got released. Ever since then it has went through several reincarnations but we were never satisfied with it. Then one day Lenii came along, sent us a song idea called Not That Brave. The inspiration suddenly hit that this could work with the chord progression. So we mixed the vocal in, changed the key of the instrumental, made a new drop, and breathed new life into the track. The end result was one of the proudest productions we have done."

Connect with BEAUZ: Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud | Instagram

Connect with Lenii: Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud | Instagram

Dance · Future Pop


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