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Nxthing is "Raw" on his latest single

After a successful mixtape in 2016, Los-Angeles-by-way-of-Michigan artist Nxthing keeps his streak of "trap-conscious" singles going with "Raw." When Nxthing describes his music as "trap-conscious," he refers to lacing absolute bangers with deep introspection and a question-everything stream of thought. "Raw" begins with a creeping beat, that balloons to grip your attention. In the same way, Nxthing's flow climbs to the forefront of the mix, using space to build the tension of the track. The raps are so focused, it's as if Nxthing has elevated to another plane of existence, and the three-minute track is something of an astral projection. "Raw" is effortless and biting, and as a rapper, Nxthing is the epitome of controlled swagger.  

Nxthing is currently finishing up his sophomore project Cliche, which will be released at the top of 2018. Of the track, Nxthing says: "'Raw' is about me venting about life and society. It was a created in a frustrating time in life where I felt like I was at a standstill. It's about self-worth, taxes, fraud, and overall perseverance. I'm a little bit of conspiracy theorist, so I just play around with small concepts on this one."

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