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Introducing: Australian psych-disco group Aegean Sun debuts new single "Feel Real"

The Sydney-based psych-disco quintet known as Aegean Sun is out today with their debut single"Feel Reel". Originally produced and engineered by Nick Franklin [Miley Cyrus, Polish Club, Australia (The Band)], this track is the first single from their forthcoming extended play ‘Odyssey' due out later next year via Australian label Nausicaä Sound.

The groovy guitar work and soft, playful vocal work creates a good vibey track that 's easy to listen to, dance along to, enjoy the outdoor sun or put the top down driving around with some friends. The funky synths during the chorus really drive home that psychedelic sound. A lot of complex sounds are coming out these guys but it all works so harmoniously throughout the track in a beautifully cinematic way. For a debut single, we're excited to see what else this Australian band has in store for us. 

Connect with Aegean Sun: Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter



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