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The eloquent Zachary Murdock shares a piece of his soul on "Sâne Advîce"

Crossing genres and states of mind are just the tip of the iceberg for NYC native and LA transplant Zachary Murdock. The poetic visionary has evolved over time, becoming more at peace with his inner self and self-aware of both local and global surroundings around him. Throughout his time as a developing artist, he was a leading member of the soulful electro-pop group Smokey Robotic (alongside the likes of !llmind and Father Dude), where he discovered his true purpose to stand alone and be a pillar for humanity.

"Sâne Advîce" is the first release off Murdock's debut project entitled SCØUT. Produced by longtime collaborators Benny Reiner and Red Buttonz, Sâne is both uptempo and bright, yet also foreshadows deeper elements of trying to grapple with society, inner strife, and the true advice that guides us through our day-to-day struggles. The aforementioned Reiner is one of the original cast members of the hit Broadway show Hamilton, and has collaborated with the likes of Lauv and Chaz French. Buttonz is a member of !llmind's production crew The H!ttaz, and has worked alongside everyone from r&b greats Tim & Bob and Brian McNight to Diddy and Jamie Foxx in varying capacities. Both have been instrumental in developing Zach's sound alongside him.

The video's director, Matthew Charof, is a young savant who has also become synonymous with the SCØUT universe (working with Murdock becomes cult-like in its dedication to the art). And rounding out the crew is Creative Director and go-to tattoo artist Jake Vantiger and Alberto Bof (who to this day is a producer at large with Quincy Jones).

Check out Zachary Murdock's first release here in both audio and visual forms, and welcome to the world of SCØUT.

Connect with Zachary Murdock: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | SoundCloud


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