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Hyper Fenton takes a trip back to "7th Grade"

Hyper Fenton serves up an apology on wax with his latest single "7th Grade," a reflective song about his friends in the past whom he has lost contact with. Without sounding super remorseful, he offers an simple insight on how life happens and moves everyone in different directions which for better or worse affect relationships. He also takes time to admit his wrongs and says there may still be hope for said friendship.

"7th Grade" is the first song Moflo Music and Hyper Fenton ever made which served as the precursor to their first album, 'Kindergarten Dreams,' A 22 song project they made in 2 weeks.  

Seth Jacob Fenton aka Hyper Fenton was born in Plano, Texas and grew up in a religious home with a pastor as his father and a teacher mum. Since the 6th grade all Seth wanted to do was to act. When he wasn’t getting suspended he was the lead in many performances, some were on stage, others were mostly in the classroom that lead to more suspensions. But whether on stage or in the principles office it was clear that he was full of passion, hyperactive, explosive and sometimes impulsive.  From his youthful exuberance and emotional connectivity to his wildly vivid imagination, Seth embodies a new and refreshing aspect of what it means to be a Christian.
 Spotify link: HERE
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