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HD & Derrick Juwan chill out with new summer time collab "What You Asking For"

This new single by HD,"What You Asking For"  is a chilled, summery track that also gives off that old school RnB vibes. HD kicks game to the ladies and much more with some big willy type lyrics. He even taps into some 90s rap references for good measure while singer Derrick Juan slides in to complete the cypher with a befitting chorus.

"What You Asking For", produced by Gustavs Strazdins was crafted in the spur of the moment during a late night recording session with the producer.

 HD is a Haitian-born (Port-au-Prince) artist out of the Philly/Delco area. He fell in love with hip-hop when his uncle Eddy made him write down all the lyrics to 'Illmatic' when he was 12 years old, as an odd punishment. The story-telling and lyricism just resonated with him instantly. HD started out with just Hip-hop/Rap but has branched out and experimented with different sounds.

He works as a restaurant manager and in real estate to fund his music career.  He has 5 projects to date; 'Don't Cry For Me', 'Humble & Hungry', 'Neg Maron', 'Legends of the Past', and 'The Duct Tape' and is currently working on his next project 'The Scotch Tape', the second instalment of his tape series.

Connect with HD: Soundcloud | Twitter

Hip-Hop · Rap


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