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Kaso redefines Colouring's "About You" song

15 year old producer Kamo takes on the challenge of remixing Coloring's "About You" and remaking it in his own image. The young cat makes some engaging soundscapes with this remix that lies within the house, deep house range. Mellow and dreamy sounds make up most of the backdrop and interlaced with ambient pads to tap into the listener's emotions.

Kamo is a young producer from Norway who has been producing for 4-5 years now and is determined to make a headway by remixing and crafting original tracks in the house, deep house genres but he definitely has plans to expand his art as time goes by. Colouring's "About You "song is one of his first few major releases in 2017

Connect with Kaso: Soundcloud | Spotify | Youtube

Deep House · Electro House


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