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Get to know Yusoul, with the labels brand new compilation

The amount of music getting thrown about online is astronomical, and with the internet becoming saturated with the similar sounding stuff, it takes something rather good to stand out from the crowd. This isn't that hard, however, for UK based label Yusoul, who's fresh, invigorating sound has been turning many heads, including mine. Finding their own wave, somewhere between downtempo & bass music, Yusoul's collection of artists have been gaining legions of fans across the globe.

The London based label/radio show/club night, ran by head honcho Skit, have released Yusoul Vol 2, a collection of bass-heavy, atmospheric tracks that a made to put you in your zone. The labels first collection, released in 2013, set a precedent for the direction the label wanted to go in, and with this new effort, Skit has managed to step further forward and push the labels sound to new dimensions, akin to other labels such as Wavemob & Terrorhythm. Downtempo joints from the likes of whtvs ("Without U") and Dontleaveme ("Are You Trying To Get For Free?") are a couple of standouts on here, along with "Pink Cocaina" which see's a Txmmy beat get ripped apart by hip hop duo TailrMdeLvn.

Connect with Yusoul: Soundcloud | Twitter | Get Yusoul Vol 2

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