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Danny Higgins funks up Souljah Boy's "pretty boi swag"

Danny Higgins hijacks Souljah boy's "Pretty boi swag" vocals and flips it into a funky house track which he presents as his latest release. His version is so far from the original, you have to give him props for even thinking about this in the first place. Using house, electro funk elements, he laces an engaging groove which gives off this 90s house feel and vibe. The vocals pretty much play the side kick role as his lush productions take center role. Danny Higgins explains he got the idea of remixing the song when he heard the Souljah boy song at a party recently

Danny Higgins as he puts it is just another music producer out of LA trying to get his sound heard!  He is currently a sophomore at USC's School of Cinematic Arts, majoring in film production. While his academic life is ongoing, he plans on working on and release new funky music as time goes. 

Connect with Danny Higgins  : Soundcloud | Instagram

Electro Swing · Electronic · Rap


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