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Get familiar with VVN's new spine chilling single "All In My Head"

Uber talented LA based producer VVN (Vivian) shares with us her latest product she calls "All In My Head," the follow up to her previously released song "Anxiety". You can see by the titles that she's leaning towards a concept pertaining to how the mind works when it overthinks. The "Anxiety" song as a precursor to "All In My Head" helps set the tone of the struggle people go through within themselves but ultimately the truth is, it's all in your head.

"All In My Head" is an epic piece that is highly energetic and heavy, VVN who loves dabbling in different genres brought out the big guns on this one.  Blending cinematic synths and pads over hard hitting dub-step drums, she crafts something that is highly emotional and still gritty. A prime example of seeing the beauty in the decay if I may. She also brought in some extra talent in the form of Syrne the guitarist, who takes the song up a notch with a solid performance leading to a beautiful solo in the middle mark of the song. 

"All In My Head" is the second song of VVN's  'Unrest' EP.

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Dubstep · Electronica · Progressive


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