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Lomea experiments with multi-layered soundscapes on his "Narratives" album

The name Lomea (pronounced ‘Low-maya’)  is the moniker of producer Rich Keyworth's experimental project. Under this assumed pseudonym, the producer delivers a mind stunning album he calls 'Narratives'. The body of work showcases his rich, multi layered style of production that is both left field and emotionally powerful.

The 8 track album, as he puts it is an uplifting 12 String Guitar Electronica inspired by Malcolm Lowry, Nietzsche and Greek Sculpture. From the moment I hit the play button, I could tell he is not a run-of-the-mill electronic producer as his style aims to enthral the listen from start to finish. The opening salvo "And It Stares Back To You" feels like a soundtrack from a lost episode of Stranger Things; with the haunting vocals, fluttering percussions and ethereal chords. Tracks like "Graces" start off simple, switches to an explosive guitar climax in the middle and transitions into some sort of prog rock-esque section. Another track that jumped at me is the dreamy "Japanese" built off lush keys and retro synths that interchange with one another allowing the song to breathe. 

I can't really find the right words to truly describe the experience but what I can say is it's definitely worth the two years Lomea spent crafting it.

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