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Thutmose delivers new single "WuWu"

Brooklyn by way of Lagos rapper Thutmose follows up his visuals for "Blame" with a fire-starter track, "WuWu." Standing for "what's up with you?" this track is all about making connections. Thutmose is proving himself to be dedicated to the craft of melody, moving between syrupy hooks and tongue-twising verses. Produced by KillaGraham, the layers of rhythm and texture take this track over the top. The bells give the song a bright color while the claps and bass drum drive the song in the wake of Thutmose's transient flow.

Thutmose immigrated from Nigeria at age nine, and has been using his eclectic outsider perspective to reimagine Brooklyn hip-hop through his Lagos lens. Music and writing are how he connects with others while staying grounded, forever thankful for all of the opportunities he has been given. 

Connect with Thutmose Twitter | Soundcloud | Instagram

Hip-Hop · Rap


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