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LUCIANBLOMKAMP makes polarizing musical transitions with the first volume of "Sick of What I Don't Understand"

After gifting us with the Rromarin assisted single "Nothing" which served as a precursor to Part 1 of his Sick of What I Don’t Understand album trilogy, LUCIANBLOMKAMP delivers the EP in grand style. The project contains the aforementioned single "Nothing" and three other sizzling tracks, and shows the Australian multi-instrumentalist's versatility in crafting cinematic backdrops that capture not only the listener's imagination, but their emotions as well.

Of Part 1, Lucian says: 
"What I get out of music and what I aim to get out of making music has varied a lot over the years. When I was younger I had a much more black and white idea of the music I wanted to make and what purpose I wanted it to serve. While I was without a doubt living through the emotions heard on previous releases, there was a lot I wasn’t expressing artistically. I feel everyone creates art based on their surroundings and circumstances, so with that in mind there was a lot of regret knowing that there was so much creatively left unsaid. Although over time and through particular collaborations, I’ve begun to feel far more comfortable expressing other sides of myself. The 3 parts to ‘Sick of What I Don’t Understand’ essentially document this change over time. Part 1 is the beginning of this transition."

The main ingredient that makes Sick of What I Don’t Understand Part 1 highly engaging is the eclectic mix of instrumentation and vocals provided by guests Rromarin, the rapper Trim, and the producer himself. Lucian is able to match the emotional intensity of his off kilter beats against said vocal additions. That being said, versatility plays a huge role as LUCIANBLOMKAMP crafts a multi-genre (dream pop, drum and bass, etc.) arrangement resulting in an out-worldly aural experience within the short length of the project. Given such a crucial transition in his musical direction, it was only appropriate we get some word out from the man behind the music himself with a brief Q and A below.

EARMILK: Album trilogies are far from the norm in this singles driven industry. What really made you decide to go this route?
LUCIANBLOMKAMP: I just think releasing the tracks this way provides more clarity into the motivation and meaning behind them. The album’s really just a documentation of how I’ve changed emotionally and creatively over time, and each part to the album depicts a different stage of this transitioning period. I guess it’s kind of hard to talk about when the other two parts are yet to be released, but I think the contrast of intentions is really clear when listening to the parts separately. I think that could be lost or extremely misinterpreted if everything was released as a whole. 
EARMILK: The project is really a genre bender for me. Do you usually have a specific genre in mind when making music or do you just go where your heart takes you?
LUCIANBLOMKAMP: It sometimes frustrates me that the music’s trajectory can seem somewhat unpredictable or aimless, but simultaneously I’m happy that’s the case as it’s a reminder that I’m at least kind of doing my own thing. I never go into writing with these intentions but there’s definitely a correlation between the tracks that I’m the most proud of and the ones I feel don’t quite sit in a specific box. Although alternatively I think being different for the sake of being different is really stupid. Making something that expresses how you feel is more important than anything else, even if how you feel comes in the form of something that could be considered "generic." 
EARMILK: What aspect of the music making process excites you most, and what aspect discourages you the most?
LUCIANBLOMKAMP:  It’s super cliche and predictable but the most exciting part is solely the writing process. The most discouraging part is the process of releasing things and the industry as a whole. No feeling is better than stumbling onto an idea you can be proud of. Every time it’s as unpredictable as the last and regardless of the actual quality of the track, in the moment it feels like catching lightning in a bottle. Releasing music on the other hand isn’t exactly my cup of tea. Again, it’s a lame and predictable complaint of so many artists but it’s hard presenting something that has such personal meaning as a product. I know I’m really being the old man yelling at clouds here, but I do really battle with knowing so much about succeeding lies outside of the music itself. It’s also a meaningless complaint considering I could just make music for myself and not worry about any of this. I want music to be my career though, so these are just annoying things to deal with. Can’t have your cake and eat it I guess. 
EARMILK: Being an independent artist, which is the one factor, above all else, that you currently desire most (increased music distribution, better quality production, more media exposure, more club and live performances etc…)?
LUCIANBLOMKAMP: I think the main goal for me has and most likely always will be about trying to convey and reinterpret my emotions. I think what draws me so strongly towards music is that I feel I’m pretty bad at expressing myself through words. Music allows me to express myself in ways words never have or could. It might be naive but I think the faster and more accurately I can interpret my feelings into music the more fulfilled I’ll feel. So far so good. 
EARMILK: What’s the strangest thing you’ve heard from a fan at a concert?
LUCIANBLOMKAMP: “You’re like James Blake, but good”. Stupid man.


Sick Of What I Don't Understand: Part 1 Track List

01. Sick of What I Don’t Understand

02. Crawling

03. Nothing (feat. Rromarin)

04. Still No (feat. Trim)


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