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YØUTH wants you to know it's "Alright, Kid"

Hailing from Nashville, YØUTH is an indie rock artist that's bringing the alt-rock style back to the indie world. "Alright, Kid" is the mature coping anthem now adult fans of the emo genre have been craving. Reassuring lyrics and catching guitar riffs help make the song come across as a breath of fresh air.  The man behind the music, Julian Dente, chooses his words carefully on the track, showing off his pointed songwriting. Described as the "modern every-man," Dente's lyrics don't rest of the instant gratitude of sentimentality. Instead, he builds a dense and familiar soundscape with his instrumentation, and uses the lyrics as a bridge between the emotions he pulls out of himself and the emotions he summons from his listeners. 

Connect with YØUTH on Twitter and Soundcloud.

Indie · Rock


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