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Jauz's "Meant to Love You" is a brilliant blend of fun and emotional escapism

LA based act Sam Vogel aka Jauz drops his latest piece of work titled “Meant to love you”, a mid tempo groovy jam that has all the innate characteristics of a typical electronic banger but looking deeper it’s actually a lovelorn song. This is quite ironic as the back drop is a brilliant blend of 4 to the floor drums and smoothly layered synths and that occasional wobble to boot.

Teaming up with vocalist ROUXN, who provides an emotionally rich performance  with his unique style and melodious tone. Even though the subject matter of the song is solemn, the duo provide a different outlook with their complementary parts. Jauz’s ability to layer a progressive soundscape with pulsating vibes and mellow subtle nuances that fits ROUXN (or is it the other way around?) is something to behold. Truth be told, both cats deliver nothing less than “dopeness” if I’m permitted to use such a word.


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