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Saba's new song takes us to "Where Ideas Sing"

It's difficult to imagine any artist having a year like Chicago's own Saba. In the face of losing one of the closest people in his life, Saba has continued to give his all to music and to his community, launching the John Walt Foundation. "Where Ideas Sing" employs a disco groove and Saba at his lyrical peak. Saba's flow is all at once wavy and succinct, and his breath control really shines when the keys come in during the second verse. We can hear the classic Chicago wordsmiths guiding his pen, and it becomes easy to imagine Saba penning this verse while taking the train around his city. Daoud's vocals on the hook help infuse the winding soul elements Saba loves. 

Saba's scheduled to perform at All Things Go festival in D.C. next Saturday, 10/7, and at A3C festival in Atlanta the following day, 10/8, before travelling overseas on his first headlining Europe tour that spans late October through early November. On November 25th, Saba and his Pivot Gang crew are hosting a fundraiser performance at House of Blues Chicago for the launch of the John Walt Foundation, a scholarship program in memory of his cousin and fellow group member John Walt aka DinnerWithJohn.

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