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Negative Gemini says "You Weren't There Anymore" on new single

Lindsey French is Negative Gemini, NYC electronic musician and member/co-founder of the label 100% Electronica along with George Clanton, where she released her album Body Work last year. Body Work was a love letter to the 90's electronic scene, with tracks pulling from genre influences of IDM, glitch, eurodance, and house. Now we have a new track from Negative Gemini called "You Weren't There Anymore" from her upcoming EP Bad Baby, and almost all traces of the smoky warehouse rave vibes are gone in favor of organic instrumentation and a laid-back groove. While there are still electronic elements present, they take a back seat to reveal a more singer-songwriter side of French, regaling the listener about a relationship gone wrong. She told me in an email that the change in sound was something spur of the moment but one that ended up being beneficial.

I had this idea to leave New York to go live in the Virginia woods and go crazy. Although I ended up living in the middle of a city there, I do think that the change of scenery allowed for me to switch my style up so to speak.

Negative Gemini also has tour dates upcoming with George Clanton and ESPRIT (George Clanton's vaporwave side-project). Tour dates are below.

Fall Tour Dates

10.4 Columbus, OH
10.5 Oberlin, OH
10.6 Chicago, IL
10.7 Northfield, MN
11.18 Brooklyn, NY

Connect with Negative Gemini: Facebook | Soundcloud | Website

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