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Defseed details how to "Find Yourself" on new single

Based in Seattle, 26 year-old wordsmith Defseed has been putting out tracks since 18. His flows are slick and his bars are introspective without becoming too specific or heady. Defseed describes himself as "a bit of a wanderer," and his latest track, "Find Yourself" is the sum of his travels.  

Produced by Taz Taylor, there's a healthy mix of pensive keys and a ghostly vocal sample. Defseed raps in the pocket of the beat as tight hi-hats come in to keep the track lively, without making it derivative of current rap trends. That's the magic of the track: Defseed finds the balance between energy and smooth jams, and gives us several glimpses into his story. This is the track you throw on when you want to think through something, or feel like you're not alone in your anxieties.
About the song, Defseed tells me: "This song, inspired by San Diego sunsets, is all about the moments in your life when it's at a crossroads, do you follow your heart/dreams? Or do you just go with the flow? This feeling is something I try to capture in my music, a constant feeling of longing for purpose, for success, for love, for understanding. To find your direction in life you must first find yourself."

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