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Baths debuts new album 'Romaplasm', single "Yeoman"

To say Will Wiesenfeld, AKA Los Angeles electronic beatmaker extraordinaire Baths, has had a busy 2017 is an understatement. After releasing an ambient dance album, Abysma, under his side project Geotic via Ghostly International earlier this March, then producing the undeniably catchy theme song to the viral, tongue-in-cheek RPG Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator, Wiesenfeld is not yet done with his creative streak, as we have news of a new album, Romaplasm, and single, "Yeoman". Romaplasm is Baths' first new material since 2014's Ocean Death EP and his third LP after 2013's Obsidian, and it seems it could be his most jubilant and effervescent.

"Yeoman" serves as the intro track to the album, which is fitting as it's a great way to introduce the world Wiesenfeld is trying to build. It's a bouncing, uplifting tune that crescendos to a satisfying finish. Wiesenfeld sings of a fantastical journey regarding airships, ballrooms, and romance. In a press release, Baths notes, “I’m not as emotive with real world things as I am when I’m neck deep in anime, video games, books or comics. … I wanted to be honest with myself that this is where my heart lies and where I get the most emotion out of life. I wanted a record that mirrors those emotions but in an indirect way.”

Romaplasm will be out November 17 from Anticon. Check the tracklist below.

1. “Yeoman”
2. “Extrasolar”
3. “Abscond”
4. “Human Bog”
5. “Adam Copies”
6. “Lev”
7. “I Form”
8. “Out”
9. “Superstructure”
10. “Wilt”
11. “Coitus”
12. “Broadback”

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