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Madnap is sweet like "Honey" in new track with Sophie Meiers

Madnap has been quiet over the last four months since the release of his SEASONS EP, but he's back and is back in a big way. Teaming up with Sophie Meiers, the previously EARMILK featured LA-based producer has released "Honey" via the seemingly unstoppable Moving Castle. The track is just as sweet as its name suggests - from the lyrics to Meiers' vocals layered on top of Madnap's sugary production.


"Honey" playfully compares the feeling of love with the sticky sweetness of honey. Meiers, with sultry subtlety, croons the lyrics, "It tastes like honey when you kiss me - boy, I promise you will miss 'cause after all of this, my taste is on your lips". This paired with Madnap's blend of electronic production and instrumentals is a match made in heaven. The track features his signature Japanese-inspired electronic sound mixed in with layers upon layers of beats, as well as soft electric guitar tucked in behind (but not unnoticed). With the release of "Honey" on Moving Castle, it seems big things are on the way for the young producer and we're definitely on board for the ride.

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