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ARTHUR releases kaleidoscopic "Challenger EP" on Vegyn's PLZ Make It Ruins [Bandcamp Corner]

Vegyn, who is equally known for his prowess in curating the successful Blonded Radio, collaborating with Frank Ocean and running the helm of futuristic independent label PLZ Make It Ruins has recently signed a new, fluid, experimental pop artist ARTHUR. The debut Challenger EP is an unexpected diverse twist for the London conduit, (praised currently for its solely computer-produced and dance-oriented music). Glorious sliding semitone scales in "Re-Animator", cutesy playful vocals and panning in "Scared," not to mention wonderful creative arpeggios in "AB" and understated psychedelia throughout. It's a genre-broadening amalgamation of melodic classical-esque progressions, quirky acid pop, and more. What's not to love? The whole creative EP clocks in under a revolutionary 5 minutes. Short and sweet, we can't wait to hear ARTHUR's debut album on PLZ Make It Ruins.

Connect with ARTHUR: | Bandcamp | Soundcloud 



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