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*repeat repeat release new track "Girlfriend" ahead of forthcoming album

Nashville based group *repeat repeat have released new track "Girlfriend" ahead of their forthcoming album, Floral Canyon, slated for release on September 15th via Dangerbird Records. *repeat repeat have perfected a unique combination of surf, pop and rock on the new single, initially penned as a response to Best Coast's song, "Boyfriend." 

There is a lot of nostalgia to be found in the new single, which tows the line between retro surf sounds and modern rock and pop genres. "Girlfriend" brings to mind those love odes of the 1960s, where a boy begs a girl to go out with him through lyrics that just pine away over an upbeat musical hook. With an upcoming tour scheduled in support of the new album, *repeat repeat are sure to continue bringing their sound to an industry craving nostalgia. 

On the new album *repeat repeat said, "Our sophomore record Floral Canyon stretched our sound and allowed us to add depth, drive and an almost spooky feel to our sun-drenched, surf-tinged pop that makes us *repeat repeat. We think it's a mixture of bloom and doom, tackling the lightness of love in juxtaposition with modern culture, friends' rocky relationships, religious ideologies and all points in-between." 

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60's · Rock · Soft Rock


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