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Banfi release new single "June" as an ode to the end of summer

London based group Banfi have released their new single "June" as an ode to the end of summer, expanding their distinct brand of danceable guitar-pop from previous release "She Comes Home." The single was released today via Communion Records and instantly hooks the listener with it's catchy chorus and undeniably upbeat guitar licks that just inspire movement. 

On creating the track frontman Joe says, "This is a love song based on those classic 'run to the airport' scenes near the end of films, only this time he's too late. Lyrically, I couldn't get the verses right until I stole Kate Bush's idea of using 'Wuthering Heights’ for inspiration, and then Heathcliff's character was a big help.  ‘June’ is actually a hybrid of what began as two separate songs.  We like the tension and urgency created between those two threads of those initial songs as they fight for their place in this final version”

The group are gearing up for a debut headlining UK tour, set to begin on September 8th with a date in Oxford. But Banfi are no strangers to the road, and have spent the past few years touring, and gathering fans along the way. 

Connect with Banfi: Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter 


Indie Pop · Soft Rock · Surf Pop


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