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Shigeto announces new album 'The New Monday', shares jazzy 7-minute single

Detroit, MI producer Shigeto, AKA Zachary Saginaw, has never been shy about meshing his jazz influences with electronic music, with tracks like "Lineage" and "Huron River Drive" as some of his most effective examples. Now, however, with the release of Shigeto's first single from his upcoming album The New Monday, entitled "Detroit Part II", we hear the jazz elements take center stage.

The tune is a seven and a half minute behemoth and his most unabashed jazz-leaning effort. Building off the sound of No Better Time Than Now cut "Detroit Part I", the first two minutes of "Part II" consist of an organic hip hop beat, live percussion, a pitched down vocal sample, and some smooth electric piano chords. It's at the 2:13 mark that things truly start to blossom, as some relaxing sax melodies and a killer synth bass are introduced, fleshing out the song and imbuing it with an undeniable groove that will get heads nodding. The track essentially rides the groove out, adding extra layers of percussion and several saxophone passages to keep the listener engaged for the entirety of the runtime.

Out October 6th via Ghostly International, The New Monday can be pre-ordered here.

Connect with Shigeto: Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud

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