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Macrohard releases new banger "Right On Time" [Premiere]

Korean-American producer Macrohard has released new banger track “Right On Time,” which features the rap stylings of Tae Buddha and vocals from Pollimer exclusively on our site today. The song has a distinct glitch-hop and hard trap blend, with raps that will catch the ear of the casual listener and not easily let go. 

Macrohard has been involved with prestigious Korean label Oh! Records since 2013, and has more recently been affiliated with the NYC Lalabela Music Group. He also recently produced a series of mixes for the Adidas Radio podcast Bass and has also been featured on the BBC Radio 1 show Diplo and Friends. Released via Daily Earfood, “Right On Time” is a song with promise, and is sure to bring it down on the dance floor as summer draws to a close. The song is additionally available as a free download here

Connect with Macrohard: Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud 

Exclusive · Glitch · Premiere · Trap


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