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Cape Francis reminisces his childhood with second single "Olly"

Last month, we had the pleasure of releasing the debut single from Cape Francis into the world. The former Stone Cold Fox frontman is back today, giving EARMILK the first listen to his sophomore single "Olly."

According to Cape Francis: 

Olly is short for Olly Olly Oxen Free. I used to play a lot of flashlight tag as a kid and that phrase is yelled at the end of each game. There is a lot of hiding and waiting in flashlight tag, you're essentially just trying not to get caught, or at least that was my approach. The song explores that feeling of limbo, where you are just on the edge of something, with no clue of what's going to happen next. The song is about trying to move past that feeling, choosing a path and committing to it, and just living in it, instead of being paralyzed and consumed with whatever might be to come.

"Olly" illustrates the fear of the unknown experienced by every person who has ever hit a crossroad in their life, and brilliantly weaves it into the childlike metaphor of a game. We all feel that nostalgia for our childhoods the most deeply when we cannot seem to make decisions on our own. "Olly" could fit effortlessly into a soundtrack to an indie coming-of-age tale; even better than the songwriting is the infectious bass lines and irresistible percussion, which serve to give the tune a great build. Cape Francis will release his debut album Falling Into Pieces on September 22nd, but in the meantime, give his singles "Olly" and "Iditarod" a listen. 

Connect with Cape Francis: Soundcloud | Twitter | Instagram

Live Dates: 

8/18 - Brooklyn, NY @ C'Mon Everybody 
9/5 - New York, NY @ Rockwood Music Hall *Communion Showcase*
Alternative · Folk · Indie


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