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AWAY examines personal anguish in heart-wrenching new music video for "Sleepwalker (feat. Thor)"

Never a group to shy away from personal anguish, Los Angeles producer AWAY has released a heart-wrenching new music video for latest track "Sleepwalker." 

"Sleepwalker' is a song about the different emotions you experience when someone leaves your life unexpectedly," he says on the song. "Confusion, sadness, apathy and anger." 

The music video for the track examines all these emotions throughly, while blurring the lines between electronic musical genres. "Sleepwalker," brings the viewer through the break-up of a relationship and the destructive ways that individuals cope with the tragedy. 

Immersed in electronic culture and the pitfalls that can come with it, AWAY doesn't shy from from graphic imagery, including drug use, casual sex and self-inflicted violence. And while the video is hard to watch, the realistic depiction of grief is exactly what makes the music video so powerful. 

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