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Bonelang wrestle with the potential of life without art on "Sunflower Drips" [Premiere]

Comprised of Samy Language and Matt Bones, Bonelang is a Chicago/New York duo to watch. They have a unique mix of spoken word, Acid Jazz, and Hip Hop that sets them apart from the rest of their talented Midwest/East Coast brethren. Don’t take my word for it though, give their latest single “Sunflower Drips” a listen below and see for yourself.

Pretty ferocious for a song titled, “Sunflower Drips,” eh? Inspired by Bones and drummer, Zack Marks, “Sunflower Drips” took Language half a year to write. “I drafted the poem about 12 times. It took forever to refine” says Language about the track. “The poem is a conversation between my present self and my potential future self if I were to ever quit making art (I'd be a jaded old fuck).”

If you couldn’t tell by the quote, these two are very passionate about their art, all of which comes through beautifully on “Sunflower Drips.” Produced by Bones and Marks, “Sunflower Drips” is both sunny and chaotic, a perfect backdrop for Language’s poem. Though Language describes the song as a “conversation” between him and his future self, it’s really more of an argument and a fiery one at that. On the third verse Language beats himself into submission before reaching a moment of clarity, “So I’ma boil this all down to a few personal truths, and perhaps those truths can serve as a bridge between me and you. And maybe we can meet in the middle and call this all a truce.”

Without giving away too much, “Sunflower Drips” is an exciting battle to witness. The debate between working for money and working for passion has always been a hot topic in Hip Hop. Bonelang give us a new angle by pitting Samy vs himself to weigh the options and see which side comes out on top. Oh and that sweet sweet Sax doesn’t hurt the track, either.

Give “Sunflower Drips” a listen above and be sure to stay tuned for their upcoming album Venn Diagrams Pt. II, due out mid-September.


Connect with Bonelang: SoundCloud | Instagram | Twitter


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