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Franc Moody are feeling funky and "Super Star Struck"

North West London’s Franc Moody are feeling a bit "Super Star Struck" on their latest release. Out now on Juicebox Recordings, their new single is a dazzling delight to the ears. One part disco, one part indie and a whole lot of funk make this one extra easy to listen to. Featuring italo-disco synth sounds, fancy guitar rifts, bass, drums and all the goodness you can ask for; if "Super Star Struck" doesn't make you wanna move and groove than I don't know what will. 

The pair behind Franc Moody share, "Super Star Struck combines epic intergalactic funk sounds á la George Clinton with the stellar bass n' drum grooves of Sly Stone. The title itself describes the feeling of pure awe and wonder we sometimes get from any number of things, events or moments that are truly mesmerising, hypnotic and magnetic.”

Enjoy above! 

Connect with Franc Moody: Soundcloud 



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