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Grieves reminds us to breathe out on "RX" [Video]

Grieves brings an arresting honesty to his newest single, “RX.” The Rhymesayers artist is gearing up to release Running Wild on August 25th, which will be the follow-up to his 2014 album Winter & The Wolves. In the same vein as his previous effort, "RX" is produced by Sweden's own Chords. “RX” is a deep dive into Grieves’ anxieties and struggles with self-medication. Three years removed from his last project, Grieves still has no issue flowing over Chords' celestial beats. He lays down a smooth hook, while the video features him walking around the city with a fishbowl in his arms. The blue tones in almost every shot underscore the taxing mood of the track. Grieves' fishbowl is an extension of himself, feeling trapped and constantly existing in a fragile state.

You can pick up a pre-order for Running Wild, out August 25th, here.

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