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Bonzai returns with "I Feel Alright"

You might recognize the name Bonzai. She's deemed a discovery by one of hip hop's voices in the electronic music scene, Mura Masa, and been featured on some of his work, including two tracks on his self-titled album that dropped, "Nuggets" and "What If I Go?" To those tracks, she brought a flavor all her own, and it's no surprise that she is quickly rising as a solo artist as well. Her track "Where Are U Now" has amassed an impressive amount of plays on Spotify for such an artist since its 2016 debut on her album Sleepy Hungry. Now, the Irish and London-based artist has released her first solo single of 2017 entitled "I Feel Alright."
"I Feel Alright" has the infectious appeal of a pop track. The edginess we saw in her Mura Masa collabs comes through in the track's chorus and breakdown, as we see Bonzai take the steps to solidify herself as an artist in her own right. 
Connect with Bonzai: SoundCloud | Facebook | Instagram
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