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Nanna.B links up with Hodgy over an Anderson .Paak produced beat on "Golden" [Video]

Here’s an unexpected trio for ya: on “Golden.” Dutch-born singer, Nanna.B links up with Hodgy and co-signer Anderson .Paak for a smooth as hell trip through the desert. The whole thing feels very Burning Man 3017, which is not a bad thing, and as one can hope, the visuals nail that vibe flawlessly.

The video follows a dazed Hodgy as he picks up the trail of a golden ribbon that eventually leads him to Nanna.B in all her goddessy glory. The two sound great together over .Paak’s high tempo robotic beat, Hodgy with his rapid-fire verses and Nanna with her sultry melodies.

About the track, Nanna had this to say, “Golden' is a reminder to all the women out there, including myself, to protect their power, their womb, their gold. You're divine, be aware who you share your energy and body with but also allow yourself to open up when you do meet that king that sees you. Navigating that is the main theme of this song."

Nanna’s EP, Golden, drops July 21 and is available for pre-order here. Until then, press play on the video for “Golden” above, and be sure to stay locked on EARMILK for all things great music.

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