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Float into the weekend with BAYNK and Shallou's spellbinding "Come Home"

The painfully awkward 15-year-old version of me, who blasted Eminem and T.I. in his car on the way to school, would smack my face red if he knew the music I was supporting today. That being said, young guns BAYNK and Shallou just dropped their new single "Come Home," and it's an intoxicating future-pop jam that I can't get enough of.

Besides its pristine production, there are certain elements present in "Come Home" that set it apart from the other pop submissions I receive. It's melancholy, but not brooding and whiny. And it's bouncy, but not in the nauseatingly saccharine candy-coated flavor of DNCE or Demi Lovato. However, the most compelling aspect of the track is the source of its inspiration, which BAYNK explained in an exclusive quote to EARMILK:

"The song idea arose from a conversation about a situation we were both facing, which was whether to return home to our established, comfortable, but possibly mundane life, or move to LA and make the risky, messy, selfish, alluring and possibly heartbreaking choice to put everything into making our music and art."

New Zealand native BAYNK also already has a few major festivals under his belt in addition to supporting tropical house star Matoma on tour, so be sure to catch him live to check out his unique sound in person.

Connect with BAYNK: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Connect with Shallou: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

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