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Allan Kingdom, Finding Novyon, and Drelli throw the pool party of the summer on "FEVER"

Allan Kingdom, Finding Novyon, and Drelli are slated to be Minnesota’s next supergroup. It seems unfair to call Allan Kingdom a rising star between working with Kanye West, starting his own label, racking in the Grammy nominations, and making wave after wave in Minnesota. His debut album, LINES, dropped earlier this year, but Allan Kingdom also has an impressive back catalog of mixtapes and features going all the way back to early 2011. Finding Novyon has also recently unleashed his debut project, THAT’S MY DAWG, on Soundcloud.  Meanwhile, Drelli has been pioneering his own genre, swagbop, across a slew of must-hear singles. Drelli's Soundcloud is full of tracks colored by a syncopated swing and his confident, go-lucky delivery.

“FEVER” is the definition of a breezy summer record, showing off each artist’s eclectic personality and penchant for color. The three artists bring out the best in each other stylistically, with Allan, Drelli, and Finding Novyon hitting their best notes. They’re throwing the pool party of the summer, and everyone ready to catch a vibe is invited. Allan gets it right on his verse, these guys are definitely “indie, but maneuvering” their way to superstardom.

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